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What others say about Untold Rainbows
“There is something so personal about this book, the author’s particular way of perceiving, seeing something simple but incredibly profound—something no one else has seen that way—ever. Most important, there is so much love in it—the L
OVE AND MARRIAGE section oozes love, and it all comes together in a maturity...and wisdom.”  
                                                                              -Joy Ibsen, editor, Church and Life
                                                                              Author of Unafraid: Sermons to Live By and Tales of Listeners Learning to Live Unafraid

“Gary Vitale has given us a rich harvest of stories, poems, and essays. They vary wonderfully in subject, style, and point of view. What remains constant is the deep feeling and concentrated focus of the author. ‘Antiques,’ will disturb you—and stay with you. ‘The Yellow Cabinet,’ reveals the strange hold this battered but indestructible piece of furniture has over an entire family. There are fine poems a reader will want to go back to, including ‘She Plays Chopin.’ The last poem in the book, ‘Her Questions,’ asks the author what he has done with ‘truth found and shared, love gotten and given, and work mastered and taught.’ You will find them all in Untold Rainbows.” 
                                                                              -Peggy and John Knoepfle, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois Springfield
                                                                              His latest book of poems is Shadows and Starlight

Untold Rainbows is the best kind of book, filled with humanity and an irrepressible love of language and craftsmanship. Gary Vitale is a man in love with the world and the word, and he pays homage to both in these well-nuanced poems, stories, and essays that lovingly explore love, death, marriage, and nature. [His] work lifts us out of the ordinary, into the realm that is always just beyond our touch.”  
                                                      -Dan Guillory, author of HousePoems and The Lincoln Poems

About the author

GARY VITALE, after many years of teaching Shakespeare, speech, drama, film, and the humanities, recently retired from Benedictine University at Springfield . Through the years, he has published a variety of writing, from a book of annotated Civil War era letters, to magazine articles, a college textbook, and even church anthem lyrics.

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The Poet  ix

Play audio clip

Introduction  xi
     When I Was a Child (Tanka)  3
     “Play Where I Can See You” (Tanka)  4 Play audio clip
     Woodland Treasure  5
     To an April Robin, Dead Within its Egg (Mason Sonnet)  6
     Chickadee (Tripled Triolet)  7
     Young Girl, Passing  8
     Cycling  9
     To the Lady, Autumn  10
Love and Marriage
     Little Lai  13
     I Have Always Been Impressed with Feminine Grace  14
     Antiques (Short Story)  15
     Tygers  30
     Armageddon of the Ants  34 Play audio clip
     The Yellow Cabinet (Personal Essay)  36
     That Month  41
     Loam of our Yesterdays  42
     To Jean (On Our 25th Anniversary)  43
     She Plays Chopin  44 Play audio clip
     Night Whispers  45 Play audio clip
     Winter Nest  49
     The Groundling (Personal Essay)  50
     In the Convent Attic Looking for Stage Props  54 Play audio clip
     Another Creature in the Woods (Personal Essay)  56
     Skating  67 Play audio clip
     “Do Not Go Gentle…” (Personal Essay)  69
     The Last Chrysanthemum  74
     Reductio ad Absurdum  75 Play audio clip
     “I Love You, Grandpa”  76
     Reflection  79
     Junk Food  80
     Modern Messages  81 Play audio clip
     Helen Must Blush  82
     True Charity (Personal Essay)  83
     Keeping Our Place  88
     Tourists  89 Play audio clip
     Easter  91
     Her Questions  93

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